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Saving Our Ocean Is Our Priority, Our Duty: A Wave of Patriotism among the MGSS Flacq Family.

The time is now! We need to act! Our marine life is calling out for help. Mauritius is today facing an ecological disaster; the repercussions of which will be faced by both the present and future generations. Our unique coral reefs which have evolved for centuries are severely threatened and many of our aquatic life can perish in few days if we do not mitigate the adverse ecological impacts.

As children of our Motherland, we felt concerned by the scene of despair and the cries of distress of our ocean. Staying true to our Gandhian values of education we learn to devote our knowledge in all sphere of life which includes largely our environment. Our uniform reflects the blue of our ocean and we resolve to mobilise everyone at school to help preventing this ecological disaster from deteriorating.

We, being energetic and enthusiastic students, had a holistic approach with the blessing and under the guidance of the MGI and RTI Management, our school Management: The Acting Rector, Deputy Rector, Non-teaching staff, dedicated Educator and MGSS Flacq PTA. From collecting raw materials such as plastic bottles, straw and others to manufacturing the ‘booms’, everyone worked hand in hand collectively. Right from the time when teachers and students took up the initiative to contribute to save our ocean, a wave of enthusiasm and patriotism arose among everyone in the MGSS Flacq family.

As being part of the younger generation, we all acknowledge our significant role in ensuring a healthy, stable and flourishing ecology for a very long lifetime. We encourage other schools around the island to also realise the urgency of the situation and “Met la main dan la pate”. Now more than ever is the time to act promptly and give back before it is too late.

We should always remember that the natural environment is our own and also a collective responsibility to take care of, because we owe it to the future generations. We must offer the next generation as legacy, a healthy and sustainable environment that nature entrusted us with.

“Don’t be afraid to take a big step when one is indicated. You can’t cross a chasm in two small steps.” M.K Gandhi

By “Kids” of MGSS Flacq

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