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COMMUNIQUE : Ministry of Health and Wellness

The Ministry of Health and Wellness informs the public that the administration of the Second Dose of Pfizer Vaccine in Secondary Schools will be carried out on Saturday 11 December 2021, for those students aged 15 to 17 years who have received their First Dose from the 15th November to 17th November 2021

In addition, those students who were due for their Second Dose during the 15th November to 17th November 2021 are also being rescheduled on the same date.

The calendar is as follows: 

Date of 1st doseVenue 1st DoseVenue 2nd dose09 00  –  11 0011 00  –  13 0013 00  –  15 00
15-Nov-21Saint Bartholomew’s College            Droopnath Ramphul State College, Calebasses                A-FG-NO-Z
15-Nov-21OCEP College, Port LouisA-FG-NO-Z
15-Nov-21International College, TrioletA-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21Royal College Port LouisA-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21Dr Jugroo Seegobin DAV College, Port Louis A-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21Institute of Islamic and Secular Studies, Vallee des Pretres A-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21B. Ramlallah SSS, MapouA-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21Northfields International School, Mapou (including students from Ecole du Nord)A-F  G-N  O-Z  
15-Nov-21Beau Bassin SSS                  Queen Elizabeth College    A-FG-NO-Z
15-Nov-21New Devton CollegeA-FG-NO-Z
15-Nov-21Loreto College, St PierreA-FG-NO-Z
15-Nov-21Nelson CollegeA-FG-NO-Z
16-Nov-21Lycee de Beau BassinA-FG-NO-Z
16-Nov-21Lycee des Mascaraignes (including students from Ecole de Centre)A-FG-NO-Z
16-Nov-21Bhujoharry College, Quartier MilitaireA-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21Dr Regis Chaperon SSSA-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21MGSS Moka (including students from Orchard School of Excellence)A-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21College de la Confiance, Beau BassinA-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21Islamic Cultural College Belle RoseA-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21Charles Telfair InstituteA-FG-NO-Z
Date of 1st doseVenue 1st DoseVenue 2nd dose09 00 –10 00 –11 00 –
   10 0011 0012 00
15-Nov-21College du St Esprit, Riviere Noire      Bambous State Secondary SchoolA-FG-NO-Z
16-Nov-21La Gaulette SSSA-FG-NO-Z
16-Nov-21La Gaulette Training CentreA-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21Swami Sivananda SSS, Bambous A-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21Bambous SSSA-FG-NO-Z
15-Nov-21Loreto College, Mahebourg    France Boyer de la Giroday SSS  A-FG-NO-Z
16-Nov-21E. Anquetil SSS, MahebourgA-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21Bhujoharry College Rose BelleA-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21Rose Belle Training CentreA-FG-NO-Z
15-Nov-21Le Lycee Mauricien            Dr Maurice Cure State CollegeA-FG-NO-Z
15-Nov-21St Nicholas Grammar School SeccondaryA-FG-NO-Z
15-Nov-21Gaetan Raynal State CollegeA-FG-NO-Z
16-Nov-21Clairfonds Training CentreA-FG-NO-Z
16-Nov-21Morning Star School, TrianonA-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21Mauricia InstituteA-FG-NO-Z
17-Nov-21Sodnac SSSA-FG-NO-Z

Students should be accompanied by their parents / responsible party and should bring along their Birth certificate and their vaccination card for the administration of the Second Dose.

09 December 2021


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