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Communiqué – Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail | Est Presse
Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Communiqué – Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail

The Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail wishes to inform the public that no public bus will operate in all the sanitary red zones. However, buses will be available in the red zones for the conveyance of students sitting for examinations only.

New Transport Arrangements

Being given that Chemin Grenier, Chamouny, Rivière des Galets, Surinam, Riambel and Chamarel have been classified as red zones, public buses will be diverted as follows:

–          Bus Route 133 (Choisy to Curepipe) will be diverted along the Coastal Road from Rivière des Galets up to Souillac Bus Station but will not be allowed to alight and collect passengers in-between these two regions. The bus will, thereafter, follow its normal route.

With regard to buses operating on routes 6 (Rivière des Galets to Curepipe), 6A (Chamouny to Curepipe), 77 (Rivière des Galets to J. Nehru Hospital), 67 (Rivière des Galets – Place Margeot, Rose Hill) and 197 (Rivière des Galets to Port Louis), they will start operating from the Souillac Bus Station

Transport Arrangements during Examinations

*         Buses bearing the Sticker “Examination Bus” will be allowed to operate within the red zones and from red to green zones and vice-versa. These Examination Buses will collect students and non-teaching staff involved in the examinations only and will follow their normal bus route.

*         During the examination period, a dedicated school bus will be provided by the National Transport Corporation (NTC) from the region of Canot for students proceeding to the Desvaux de Marigny Government School.

*         In addition to normal bus service from Chamarel to Quatre Bornes via Bambous, a new shuttle service will be provided by the NTC during the examination period from Chamarel to Souillac via Baie Du Cap for the conveyance of students and non-teaching staff only.

The public is also informed that following Government decision to remove certain localities found in Constituencies 15, 16 and 17 from the red zone, necessary transport arrangements are being made for the conveyance of the public within these regions.

The Ministry relies on the cooperation of the transport operators and makes an appeal to the public for strict observance of the sanitary protocols in force in the public transport.

Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail                                                 03 April 2021

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