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Government Notices 2021 1197 | Est Presse
Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Government Notices 2021 1197

Government Notice No. 58 of 2021 


Regulations made by the Minister under section 13  of the Quarantine Act 2020 

1. Short title 

These regulations may be cited as the COVID-19 (Preventive  and Sanitary Measures) Regulations 2021. 

2. Interpretation 

In these regulations –  

“Act” means the Quarantine Act 2020; 

“COVID-19” means the virus known as the novel coronavirus  (2019-nCoV). 

3. Application of regulations 

The sanitary measures specified in these regulations shall be  observed with a view to preventing further spread of COVID-19. 

4. Wearing of protective mask 

(1) Every person shall, in any place, other than in his ordinary  place of residence –  

(a) wear a protective mask over his nose and mouth; 

(b) ensure that every child aged 5 and above in his  company, wears a protective mask over the child’s  nose and mouth’ 

(2) Paragraph (1) shall not apply – 

(a) when a person travels alone in a private vehicle or  where the driver and every other passenger in the 

1198 Government Notices 2021 

private vehicle ordinarily live together in the same  place of residence; 

(b) when lawfully directed by another person to remove  the protective mask in order to ascertain the identity  of the person or child; 

(c) when carrying out, in the course of his employment,  an activity that requires that no protective mask may  be worn, or that it shall be removed in order that other  equipment may be worn or used, to carry out that  activity. 

5. Social and physical distancing rules 

(1) Every person shall in any place, other than in his ordinary  place of residence, strictly observe the social and physical distancing  rules specified in this regulation. 

(2) Every person shall, at all times on any premises including  commercial premises, offices and buildings, keep a distance of at  least one metre from any other person, except where the person is in  company of child under the age of 12. 

(3) No person shall, without reasonable excuse –  

(a) sit on a seat that is not fixed to the floor and that is less  than one metre away from another seated person in a  public place;  

(b) sit on a fixed seat in a public place which is demarcated  as not to be occupied; or 

(c) stand in a queue less than one metre away from any  other person in the queue in a public place. 

(4) Every employer shall ensure that appropriate measures  are in place to implement the social and physical distancing rules  specified in this regulation.

Government Notices 2021 1199 

6. Good hygiene practices 

Every person shall, whether in his ordinary place of residence,  in a public place, at his workplace and any other premises, ensure  that he disinfects his hands regularly using an alcohol-based hand  sanitizer, where same is available. 

7. Hygiene products, cleaning and waste disposal (1) At any place of work, every employer shall –  

(a) provide to his employees –  

(i) hygiene products; and 

(ii) rubbish bins for the disposal of waste;  

(b) ensure that waste is regularly disposed of; and 

(c) ensure that the place of work, including used surfaces  such as benchtops, desks and doorknobs, is regularly  cleaned and disinfected. 

(2) In this section –  

 “hygiene products” includes soap, hand sanitisers and  tissue paper. 

8. Any person who breaches regulation 4 or 5 shall commit an  offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding  500,000 rupees and to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5  years. 

9. The Prevention of Resurgence and Further Spread of Epidemic  Disease (COVID-19) Regulations 2020 are revoked. 

10. These regulations shall come into operation on 1 April 2021. Made by the Minister on 31 March 2021.


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