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LEGAL SUPPLEMENT 1187 to the Government Gazette of Mauritius No. 39 of 31 March 2021 Government Notice No. 57 of 2021


Regulations made by the Minister under section 13  of the Quarantine Act 2020 

1. These regulations may be cited as the COVID-19 (Closing  Down of Premises and Restriction of Activities) Regulations 2021. 

2. Interpretation 

In these regulations –  

“Act” means the Quarantine Act 2020; 

“COVID-19” means the virus known as the novel coronavirus  (2019-nCoV). 

3. These regulations shall apply to the Island of Mauritius and  shall not apply to the Island of Rodrigues, the Island of Agaléga, St.  Brandon and the Chagos Archipelago. 

4. For the purpose of preventing a spread of COVID-19 within the  Island of Mauritius –  

(a) premises listed in Part I of the First Schedule shall be  closed and remain closed until 30 April 2021; 

(b)  events or activities specified in Part II of the First Schedule shall not be carried out until 30 April 2021; and 

(c)  no person shall attend the public places specified in Part III of the First Schedule until 30 April 2021. 

5. Subject to regulation 6 –  

(a)  (i)  premises, other than those specified in Part I of the First Schedule; and

1188 Government Notices 2021 

 (ii) premises listed in Part I of the Second Schedule, are authorised to be opened to the public; 

(b)  (i)  events or activities, other than those specified in Part II of the First Schedule; and 

 (ii) events or activities listed in Part II of the Second  Schedule, 

are authorised to be carried out; and 

(c) public places, other than those listed in Part III of the First  Schedule, are authorised to be attended to. 

6. The preventive and sanitary measures specified in the Third Schedule and in the COVID-19 (Preventive and Sanitary Measures)  Regulations 2021 shall be taken while –  

(a)  (i)  premises, other than those specified in Part I of the First Schedule; and 

 (ii) premises listed in Part I of the Second Schedule, are opened to the public; 

(b)  (i)  events or activities, other than those specified in Part II of the First Schedule; and 

 (ii) events or activities listed in Part II of the Second  Schedule, 

are carried out; and 

(c) public places, other than those listed in Part III of the First  Schedule, are attended to. 

7. Any person who fails to comply with these regulations shall  commit an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding 500,000 rupees and to imprisonment for a term not  exceeding 5 years.

Government Notices 2021 1189 

8. The Prevention of Resurgence and Further Spread of Epidemic  Disease (COVID-19) Regulations 2020 are revoked. 

9. These regulations shall come into operation on 1 April 2021. Made by the Minister on 31 March 2021.

1190 Government Notices 2021 


[Regulation 4] 


Pre-primary, primary, secondary schools/Tertiary institutions/  Vocational training centres 

Private schools 

Amusement centre 

Aquarium for public viewing 

Bookmaker (other than on-line betting) 


Beauty saloon 

Casino and Gaming house 



Cinema hall 

Multi-purpose hall, including wedding hall 

Fitness centre (gymnasium/sport complex) 

Social hall/Village hall/Municipal hall/Community centre/Social  welfare centre/Youth centre/Citizens Advice Bureau 

Leisure park, including health track 

Place of worship

Government Notices 2021 1191 



Fair (fun fair/fancy fair/trade fair/commercial fair/market fair) Public events 

Sports events or sport activities 

Public auction 

Cultural/social event or any other gathering 

Religious event/ceremony/marriage 


PART III – PUBLIC PLACES NOT TO BE ATTENDED TO Public beach/sea, except for a registered fisher holding a fisher’s card Public garden 

Children’s playground 

National park and nature reserves 

Recreational/leisure activities

1192 Government Notices 2021 


[Regulation 5] 



Shopping  malls/hypermarkets/supermarkets/superettes/meat/ poultry/fish shops/food retail shops/retail shops (magasins) and hair  saloons will open on Monday to Saturday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. 


Banks will open during their normal bank hours 

Hardware stores (Quincailleries) will open up to 6 p.m. 

Courts, in respect of such minimum judicial services as the Chief  Justice deems essential and subject to such directives as the Chief  Justice may issue 

Private health institutions and private medical laboratories Shop of Opticien-lunetier 


Petrol stations 

Port and airport and related businesses 

Agro-chemical retail outlets selling agricultural inputs 

Restaurants/fast foods/cafes to be opened only for delivery and  takeaway 

Schools, educational institutions and other premises designated as  examination centres solely for the purpose of sitting for examinations

Government Notices 2021 1193 

Vehicle examination centres 

Post offices 


Agricultural and breeding activities 

Fishing activities by registered fishers only 

Construction activities 

Funerals, provided that not more than 10 persons are in attendance  at a time 

Civil marriages, provided that not more than 10 persons are in  attendance 

Horse racing, to be allowed without public (in camera) On-line betting

1194 Government Notices 2021 


[Regulation 6] 


1. (1) Access to commercial premises such as Markets/shopping  malls/hypermarkets/supermarkets/superettes/meat/poultry/fish  shops/food retail shops/retail shops (magasins), bank, post offices and hardware shops (Quincailleries) shall be controlled on the  principle of alphabetical categorisation of customers. Access to  customers thereto shall be granted only on presentation, in case of a –  

(a) citizen of Mauritius, his National Identity Card or  passport; 

(b) foreigner, his passport or residence, occupation or  work permit. 

(2) All customers will be able to shop strictly on allocated  days as indicated hereunder –  

Surname starting from –  

A-F (Monday and Thursday) 

G-N(Tuesday and Friday) 

O-Z (Wednesday and Saturday) 

2. Commercial premises shall arrange for social distancing  markings outside and inside their respective outlets. Outlets at  commercial premises will demarcate queuing lines by way of floor markings. Outlets will also demarcate social distancing inside their  premises. Customers shall adhere strictly to these markings. 

3. Commercial premises will open on Monday to Saturday between  8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Banks will open during their normal banking hours.  Commercial premises, except Pharmacies and Petrol Stations shall  remain closed on Sundays.

Government Notices 2021 1195 

4. All fresh products and meat should be pre-packed, pre-weighed  and pre-priced (no loose vegetable and fruit shall be available).  Bread for sale shall be pre-packed and pre-priced. 

5. Operators of all commercial premises shall provide to their  employees masks, gloves and hand sanitisers. 

6. Commercial premises shall provide extra perspex barriers at  the tills. Where appropriate, alternate tills must be opened to ensure  social distancing. 

7. Each person shall be allowed to use only one trolley for purchase  of essential supplies. 

8. Single traffic flow of customers/one-way system shall be enforced within the commercial premises. 

9. Each customer shall be allowed to stay for a maximum of 30  minutes inside commercial premises. 

10. Commercial premises, as applicable, shall ensure that all trolleys  and/or baskets are sanitised before delivery to each customer. 

11. Every person having access to commercial premises shall  wear a protective mask over his nose and mouth. Operators of all  commercial premises shall provide hand sanitisers at entry and exit. 

12. Entry to any commercial premises will be refused to a customer  showing flu-like symptoms (high temperature, runny nose or coughing). 

13. The body temperature of each customer shall be taken at the  entrance of any commercial premises. Any customer having high  temperature (380C and above) will be transferred to the nearest  hospital according to the Protocol of the Ministry of Health and  Wellness.

1196 Government Notices 2021 

14. Except in the case of members of the same household, one  customer per car will be allowed entry to commercial premises,  except for persons with disabilities who may be accompanied by  another adult. The NIC/Passport/Residence Permit/Occupation  Permit/Work Permit of the individuals will be verified at the entrance 

of the car park. 

15. Persons under the age of 18 shall not be allowed within the  premises of any commercial premises. 

16. Any person without NIC/Passport/Residence Permit/Occupation  Permit/Work Permit or not wearing protective masks or coming on  the unallocated days, shall be refused access to the premises and the  shops. 

17. Commercial premises shall not be allowed to continue to operate  in case of breach of any of the above conditions. 

18. There shall be social distancing markings of at least one meter,  by way of floor markings, outside and within all premises. Every person shall adhere strictly to these markings. 

19. Every person shall strictly abide to the COVID-19 (Preventive  and Sanitary Measures) Regulations 2021.

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