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Thursday, February 29, 2024


Pursuant to General Notice No 529 of 2021, members of the Public are  hereby being informed that for the purpose of preventing the spread of COVID 19, the following regions are being maintained as Red Zones:- 

∙ Surinam; 

∙ Riambel ; 

∙ Chemin Grenier; 

∙ Chamouny; 

∙ Riviere des Gallets;  

∙ Chamarel; and 

∙ Dubreuil. 

The geographical areas of Curepipe and Midlands, Vacoas and Floreal as well  as Phoenix have been excluded from the Red Zone. However, areas as described  hereunder are still maintained as Red Zones. 


Area A 

Consists of La Caverne, Residence La Caverne, Quinze Cantons, Hollyrood,  Glen Park, Camp Mapou, Camp Savanne, Camp Belin, Henrietta, La Marie, Bigara,  La Brasserie, Residence La Brasserie, Residence Atlee, Camp Le Juge, Residence  Joachim, Forest Side and Camp Bombaye, 

Bounded by: 

∙ Northern Side by Tranquille Road, 

∙ Eastern Side:  

⮚ Along A1 La Marie Road from its junction with Tranquille  Road up to its junction Diolle/ John Kennedy Avenue  

near Shell Service Station, 

⮚ Along Tres Bon No.1 Road leading to la Vanille and La 

Vanille to Bigara/ La Brasserie junction,

⮚ La Brasserie to junction Bonnefin Street/ A10 Royal  

Road Forest Side including Residence Joachim. 

∙ Southern Side: 

⮚ Along A10 Forest Side Road from its junction with  

 Bonnefin Street to its junction with Access Road 

 leading to Ferney Spining Mills. 

∙ Western Side: 

⮚ By natural features: Trois Mamelles, Sept Cascades, Tamarin Fall Reservoir and Mare aux Vacoas.  

Area B 

Consists of the general area of Parisot, Mesnil, Castel, part of Camp  Fouquereaux, Angrais Cathan and Eau Coulée. 

Bounded by: 

∙ Northern Side: 

⮚ Parisot Road up to its junction with A10 Castel Royal  


∙ Western and Southern Side: 

⮚ A10 Road up to Eau Coulée Police Station through Mgr 

Leen Street and Quartier Militaire Road to Wooton  

Round About. 

∙ Eastern Side:  

⮚ Motorway M2 from Wooton to Parisot. 

Area C  

Consists of Highlands General Area. 

Bounded by:  

∙ Northern Side: 

⮚ Bagatelle Valentina Link Road

∙ Eastern Side:  

⮚ Belle Terre and Hermitage. 

∙ Southern Side: 

⮚ Hermitage Road. 

∙ Western Side: 

⮚ M2 Motorway from its junction with Bagatelle 

Valentina Link Road to its junction with Parisot Road. 

Members of the Public are hereby informed that the Police will exercise  strict control with regards to persons entering and exiting the re-defined Red  Zones. Residents of the above mentioned areas shall at no time travel outside  those areas and non-residents shall at no time enter those areas. 


No WAP is required for students proceeding to and coming from  Examination Centres and accompanying responsible party. They should travel from their place of residence to Examination Centres, including those found in  Red Zones, with their time table and student ID Card or a copy thereof.  


Unauthorised persons found outdoor shall commit an offence under the  Quarantine Act 2020 and shall, on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding 500,  000 rupees and to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years. 

Mr K. Servansing, PMSM 

Commissioner of Police 

9 April, 2021 

Office of the Commissioner of Police 

Police Headquarters 

Line Barracks 

Port Louis


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