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Sunday, February 25, 2024


Pursuant to General Notice No 1068 of 2021, members of the Public are hereby being informed that for  the purpose of preventing the spread of Covid-19 in Mauritius, all persons resident of the village of Bois Cheri  shall remain indoor until 04 August 2021 at 6a.m. 

2. Moreover, persons resident in the area specified above shall, at no time, leave that area, and persons not  resident in the area specified above shall, at no time enter that area. 

3. However, paragraph 2 shall not apply to the following persons or class of persons who have to leave, or  enter, the area specified above: 

(a) a person who has to avail himself, or to any other member of his family, of medical treatment, or to  procure medicine, or any other item essential for his or his family’s subsistence or livelihood; 

(b) a person who is authorised to be outdoor strictly on allocated days or authorised to carry out specific  activities; 

(c) employees of the Disciplined Force while on official duty; 

(d) a Judge or Magistrate, or an officer of the Judiciary, designated by the Chief Justice; 

(e) a medical practitioner for the purpose of attending a hospital or private health institution, or for the  purpose of domiciliary visits;  

(f) a pharmacist for the purpose of attending his pharmacy;  

(g) a person who has to avail his pet of veterinary treatment;  

(h) a person required to attend a Court by virtue of a summons issued by the Court; 

(i) a person who is issued with a permit by the Commissioner of Police under section 3(2) of the Quarantine  Act 2020. 

Members of the Public are hereby informed that the Police will exercise strict control with regards to  persons entering and exiting the re-defined Red Zone. Residents of the above mentioned area shall at no time  travel outside this area and non-residents shall at no time enter this area except frontliners of the essential  services. 


Unauthorised persons found outdoor shall commit an offence under the Quarantine Act 2020 and shall,  on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding 500, 000 rupees and to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5  years. 

Mr K. Servansing, PMSM 

Commissioner of Police 

15 July, 2021 

Office of the Commissioner of Police 

Police Headquarters 

Line Barracks 

Port Louis


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