Thursday, December 1, 2022


The   Cabinet   met   today   under   the   chairmanship   of   the   Prime   Minister,    the Hon. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth.  The highlights of the deliberations are as follows:

  1. Cabinet has taken note that the Environment Protection (Amendment of Schedule) Regulations 2022 would be promulgated.  The following undertakings in relation to proposed infrastructural developments at Plaine Corail Airport in Rodrigues would be excluded from the Environmental Impact Assessment requirements:
  • the construction of the runway;
  • the construction of the jetty associated with the new runway; and
  • the construction of incinerator.
  • Cabinet has taken note of the promulgation of the Fisheries and Marine Resources (Vessel Monitoring System) Regulations 2022.  The main objective of the Regulations 2022 is for Mauritius to adopt a “zero-tolerance approach” in respect of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing and serves as a guiding principle. The Regulations would enable the authorities to monitor the fishing activities of all those fishing vessels to which licences have been issued by the State of Mauritius in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Mauritius, on the high seas and/or in the maritime zones under the jurisdiction of another State, during the validity of the licences.  

The fines relating to the contravention of the Fisheries and Marine Resources (Vessel Monitoring System) Regulations 2022 have also been increased up to a maximum of one million Euros or its equivalent in Mauritian rupees.

  • Cabinet has taken note that the Mauritius Meteorological Services (Charges) Regulations 2022 would be promulgated, following the recommendation of the National Audit Office to have the service charges for the supply of weather and climate data claimed by the Mauritius Meteorological Services, approved and gazetted.

The Director of the Mauritius Meteorological Services is responsible for levying charges for forecasts, information, advice, services and publications.  The Regulations would provide a legal framework within which the Director of the Mauritius Meteorological Services would be exercising his powers with respect to the quantum of charges to be levied or to be dispensed free of charge.

  • Cabinet has agreed to the Director General of Immigration designating Jet Prime Terminal – Arrival and Departure Lounge, formerly YU Lounge, situated at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport as a port of entry for passengers seeking admission into and exiting Mauritius. 
  • Cabinet has agreed to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities and the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the fields of electricity and renewable energy.  The main areas of collaboration would include, inter alia:
  • technical assistance to establish photovoltaic solar power plants (on grid – off grid) systems to increase electricity access for the remote areas;
  • exchange of experiences and support in the fields of production, transmission and distribution of electricity and renewable energy (solar, wind and geothermal);
  • preparation of feasibility studies for electrical projects, in particular renewable energy projects; and
  • encouraging the private sector from both sides to invest in local manufacturing of electrical equipment and devices with high efficiency and to implement projects in the field of electricity.
  • Cabinet has taken note that the Air Quality Indexing (AQI) System for Mauritius would be launched on Wednesday 07 September 2022 at the National Laboratories Complex, Réduit, to mark the “International Day of Clean Air for blue skies” under the theme “The Air We Share”.  A short video clip on the Air Quality Indexing would be used for awareness and sensitisation.
  • Cabinet has taken note that a Collaborative Workshop on the theme “Pesticide Safety and Awareness: Towards Preserving the Environment” would be organised by the Ministry of Environment, Solid Waste Management and Climate Change, in collaboration with the Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute on 06 September 2022, at the Farmers’ Training Centre at Wooton.  

The Workshop is one of the activities of the SWITCH Africa Green Programme which is geared towards promoting a shift to sustainable consumption and production patterns and practices of improving ecosystems and ecosystem services as well as advancing green economy transition through macroeconomic analysis in the African region.

  • Cabinet has taken note of the outcome of the recent Prospection Mission of the Minister of Labour, Human Resource Development and Training, Minister of Commerce and Consumer Protection to the Islamic Republic of Iran.  The Minister led the official Mauritius delegation which comprised representatives of both the public and private sector.  He participated in the First Mauritius-Iran Economic Forum organised by the Economic Development Board (EDB) and delivered a keynote address together with the Minister of Commerce, Mines and Industry of Iran.  

An interactive session was held between the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) and the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture.  The session provided an opportunity for both the MCCI and the EDB to present investment and business opportunities in Mauritius to a large audience of Iranian business people.  The Minister also participated in the Iran-Mauritius Tourism Forum in presence of the Vice-Minister of Tourism of Iran.  He had bilateral meetings with various Iranian Ministers and discussed potential areas of collaboration between Mauritius and Iran.

  • Cabinet has agreed to Mauritius signing the SADC Protocol on Statistics that would be the legal framework governing statistical activities in Member States of SADC. The objectives of the Protocol are to, inter alia:
  • serve as a legal framework for enabling and enhancing statistical development and innovation in SADC Member States;
  • promote a culture whereby policy, planning, decision-making, monitoring and evaluation of development processes at every level are informed and driven by good quality statistics;
  • strengthen harmonisation of compilation and dissemination of official statistics in Member States in order to make them relevant, timely and reliable for the purpose of assessing and measuring progress of regional integration; and
  • ensure harmonisation of standards and methodologies as per international best practices for production and dissemination of national and regional statistics.
  1. Cabinet has taken note of the findings of the Mauritius Intensive Diabetes Action Study (MIDAS) 2019-2021.  The main objective of the study was to reduce the risk for major cardiovascular diseases over a two-year period with mortality, microvascular complications and hospitalisation as secondary endpoints.  The specific objective was to test whether different components of the chronic care programme for diabetic patients have special advantages or disadvantages in the current health care setting in Mauritius, and, also to evaluate the economic aspects of the programme.

An international Consultant has been recruited by the World Health Organization to work on the National Service Framework for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and the Integrated National Action Plan for NCDs.  The findings of the MIDAS would also be shared with the Consultant so that they are considered in the preparation of these documents.

  1. Cabinet has taken note of progress achieved so far regarding the implementation of the Human Resource Management System (eHR) across the Public Service.  The Ministry of Public Service, Administrative and Institutional Reforms embarked on the implementation of the eHR project, which aims at digitalising the core HR functionalities, mainly the performance management system, scheme of service, employee benefits and leave management system in October 2021.

The eHR system would enhance efficiency and effectiveness in use of human resources, assist Management in succession planning and generate report for policy decisions. Public officers would have the opportunity to obtain information about their leaves, passage benefits, schemes of service and personal HR data through the click of a button.

  1. Cabinet has taken note of the outcome of the meeting of the Committee of SADC Ministers of Justice/Attorneys-General that was held recently in Malawi.  The Committee, inter alia:
  • approved the draft text of the Memorandum of Agreement Amongst the Southern African Development Community Member States for the Establishment of SADC Humanitarian and Emergency Operations Centre and recommended it to the Council for consideration and approval;
  • approved the draft text of the Draft Protocol Against Trafficking in Persons and recommended it to the Council for consideration and approval; and
  • redrafted the Declaration on Accelerating Action to End AIDS as a Public Health Threat by 2030 and referred it to the Ministers of Health and Ministers Responsible for HIV and AIDS for confirmation that it met their requirements.
  1. Cabinet has taken note of the outcome of the official visit of the Minister of Financial Services and Good Governance to Rodriques in the context of the Financial Literacy Week held from 16 to 20 August 2022.  The Financial Services Fund organised the Financial Literacy Week in Rodrigues, in collaboration with the Ministry of Financial Services and Good Governance, the Financial Services Commission, the Financial Services Institute, the Mauritius Revenue Authority, the Independent Commission Against Corruption and a few insurance companies in Mauritius, with a view to promoting public understanding of the financial system, including awareness raising sessions on the benefits and risks associated with different kinds of investment and measures to be taken for the better protection of consumers of financial services.  

The Minister launched the Financial Literacy Week and highlighted the prospects in enrolling into courses on Financial Services run by Government institutions and eventually pursuing career opportunities in the field of financial services.  Various awareness sessions were held.

  1. Cabinet has taken note of the outcome of the tour effected by the Liverpool Football Club International Academy (LFCIA) of Mauritius from 21 to 30 July 2022 in the United Kingdom.  The LFCIA planned a ten-day football tour to the UK to enable the 2004 A-team of 16 players to play a series of matches against the British-based academies to experience international football and showcase their talents in front of professional audiences. 

During their stay, the team had the opportunity to train with the elite Under-16 squad and had a training session at the AXA Academy led by the academy coaching staff.  The team played three high-level matches against other academies throughout the UK.

  1. Cabinet has taken note of the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic prevailing across the world.  Some 603.6 million cases have been reported globally, of which 578.5 million persons have been successfully treated.  With regard to Mauritius, as at 24 August 2022, there were 116 active cases of COVID-19, out of which 21 were admitted at the New ENT Hospital.  Over the period 18 to 24 August 2022, two deaths were attributed to COVID-19.
  1. Cabinet has taken note of the reconstitution of the Central Water Board with Mr Ahsish Kumar Nilamber as part-time Chairperson.
  1. Cabinet has taken note of the reconstitution of the Board of the National Anti-Doping Organisation with Mrs Yamini Kasturi Moothoosamy Murugesan as part-time Chairperson.
  1. Cabinet has taken note of the reconstitution of the Construction Industry Development Council with Mr Tarkaswar Cowaloosur as part-time Chairperson.
  1. Cabinet has taken note of the reconstitution of the Seafarers’ Welfare Fund Board with Mr Doorjodhanlall Salandy as part-time Chairperson. 

Note: Cabinet decisions are available on the internet. The address is

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 Prime Minister’s Office       Port Louis

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